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November 05, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

It's midnight and I'm up blogging.  I should be sound asleep because my son will be waking up in about six hours...thanks to the recent time change.  I guess toddlers don't understand that! ;)

With all of the early mornings that the time change has brought me, it's also brought me the golden hour a little bit earlier in the day, and for that I am thankful!  I love shooting during the last hour before sunset. The light is just beautiful and enhances any image.  With a baby who goes to bed around 7:00 pm, it was hard to shoot during the summer because he'd be an over tired mess if we stayed up late to get pictures.  So I'm thankful to be able to shoot a little earlier in the day!

Today I had an itch to shoot for myself.  It's a very busy month for me and unfortunately I haven't had time to shoot my own little family. The sun was beautiful this afternoon, after a few days of gloomy weather so I took my son out to a favorite spot behind our house to let him play and get some quick shots of him.  He played for about an hour when I picked him up to turn back home, stepped in a hole, and fell on my knees....exactly like my toddler does all day long!  I'm sure if someone was videotaping it I could've won some money on America's Funniest Videos, it was quite a spectacle.  We were both fine but he yelled, "Uh oooooohhhh!" and laughed.

After dinner, bath, and bedtime, I was anxious to upload and get to editing my images.  I popped the SD card into the computer, started uploading and went to make myself a cup of coffee.  I like my coffee HOT.  Like come out of the Keurig, then I zap it for 20 seconds in the microwave HOT.  As a mom, I rarely get to drink my coffee when it's actually hot so you have to savor it after bedtime!  Somehow I dumped my coffee all over myself and couldn't get out of my shirt fast enough so I've got some lovely burns on my stomach as battle scars.  I'll save you the gory details but it's quite a burn and I may have begged my husband to call the hospital and get me an epidural.

 There's no real moral of this story other than, I've learned a few lessons...

1) Always take the time to shoot for yourself.  Your family's memories are important too!

2) Take a cell phone with you because if you fall in a hole and break your ankle while out with only your toddler for an assistant that could end very poorly!

3) Never microwave coffee.  In fact, just drink iced coffee...from Dunkin' Donuts...and be safe!

Long story short, here are the images from clumsy day.  Worth it.








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