282 Grams of Sugar | Valentine's Baking Session | Madison, AL Child Photographer

February 12, 2017  •  1 Comment

I haven't been using props in sessions in a long time. The more time I spend shooting families and children the more I've realized that the connection between the people in front of my camera is what is the most important to me as an artist.  I follow a ton of photographers who make magic with all sorts of props at their sessions but for me, I've found that I make images that are more like *me* when I don't really have much at sessions other than a couple of humans who love each other!

That said, my friend Amy and I started tossing around ideas for some Valentine's pictures of our kids, who are both two years old.  As many of you know, two is not the age to expect a ton of cooperation from kids but my friend was a rockstar and set up her kitchen so that the kids had everything they needed to bake a cake and could mess up her kitchen in the process.

They had SO much fun stirring and tasting, and icing and tasting, and then tasting again after lunch!  My son was bouncing off the walls all afternoon after this photo session but I say it was well worth it!  I'm in love with the images we took and couldn't dare keep them to myself....enjoy! <3






The images are quite amazing and attractive as well. Kids really enjoy the fun time and making the food together. I would like to visit other pages here and hope able to get amazing images as well.
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