Happy Birthday Ben! | Indoor First Birthday Photo Session | Madison, AL Child Photographer

February 15, 2017  •  4 Comments

I met the sweetest family two Octobers ago when we got together for family portraits and to celebrate the upcoming arrival of their little boy!  I've been lucky enough to work with their family twice and then in January I got to spend the morning with just their youngest to celebrate his first birthday!

Ben is such an easygoing baby and had so much to say!!  We rented a room at Lowe Mill because in January you can't always depend on being able to shoot outside.  The room we rented is not climate controlled but we figured it would offer some protection from the elements!  The day before we were supposed to meet up, the forecast was getting colder and colder!  The high for the next day was only 20 degrees! Brrrrrr!  So we had to reschedule for the following weekend.  Would you believe me if I told you it was 72 degrees the following weekend?? This North Alabama weather is no joke!  

Erika shared these sweet words with me after her family session in October and they've been resonating in my mind ever since...

"As a homeschooling mama of three kids with special needs ranging from Asperger's to Celiac's Disease and all the dietary restrictions that go with it while holding down the fort so my husband can work the hours necessary for his current task of being a Marine Corps recruiter over the next couple of years, I am busy! But despite all the things that fall by the wayside for the sake of surviving the long days I make it a priority to get family photos made every fall because the years while my kids are little and at home are short, and I want to have these snapshots of our family and lives as they were each year with the ebb and flow of our circumstances and kids' ages. Brekke does a fantastic job of managing to capture all of my kids looking and smiling in between the chaos that is attempting such a task with two or our children being under two years old. And, of course, some awesome candid shots of my eldest daughter's inner diva and my middle daughter's crazy energy. I cherish our photos every single year and have full confidence that we'll get something great despite my kids' antics or even because of them because of Brekke's talent. Thank you!"

The part she said about the years while our kids are little and at home being so short really struck a chord in my heart.  This is why photography is important to me.  My two and a half year old is changing every single day.  Sometimes he actually looks different after his nap than he did when I laid him down.  I want to capture every single detail of the things that I might one day forget. 

Thank you for sharing your words and your precious boy with me, Erika!




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