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February 14, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Last fall, on a beautiful sunny day, I met up with Christine, Nick, and their lively two year old, Ryan.  I love this location that we decided on and couldn't wait to get to shoot there.  We had fun exploring this beautiful field with a huge tree and were lucky to have some gorgeous light to enhance their family session. 

After an hour or so of shooting we finished up and visited the construction site right next to where we had met.  There were excavators and dump trucks, and all sorts of sharp metal objects....a two year old boy's dream!!  Ryan ran over to the excavator and gave it the biggest hug!  This boy is in love with tractors!

Here is a note from Christine about their session:

"First off, THANK YOU!!! You're fantastic and we had such a wonderful experience working with you. Initially, I was a bit worried at how the evening would go but you made me feel at ease. Therefore, I know Ryan felt the same and was on his best behavior (don't let that little boy fool you, he is an excellent screamer and has deadly aim with projectiles.) But seriously, your easy going nature and sense of humor really helped win him over. Even Nick said, "that was a great idea, we can do that again." AMAZING, I KNOW! ;)

I will cherish that picture of him with the excavator forever....all of them really, but that one is just so...him.  So, thanks again for that. 

We chose to have this time photographed because my heart tells me I will miss it so very much. I wanted someone to be able to catch him in the way that I see him. So many of your pictures captured expressions and moments (like counting his fingers) that melt my heart and I wanted something tangible to hold on to for when things must inevitably change.

As far as where I am as a mama of a 2 year old...I don't know. I wish they came with status bars over their heads to tell us how bad we're messing them up or when we're finally getting something right. But I guess those great smiles we get every once in awhile are good enough to keep us trying our best everyday. Thanks for getting some on film for us!"

Things WILL inevitably change and quickly!!  That's why I love what I do.  I can press the pause button of the things that we want to remember most about the right now.

Enjoy some of my favorites from their session!




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