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April 12, 2017  •  2 Comments

Hi friends!  I'm here today to share some sweet, sweet photos from a newborn session I did a few months ago!  Elijah's mom reached out to me near the end of her pregnancy to start planning their session for their new addition!  I've had several clients recently who have waited until the baby's birth to find out whether it was a boy or a girl and Elijah's parents were some of them!  Talk about the very best surprise in the world! 

My husband and I tossed the idea around when we were expecting our son but I have zero willpower and caved as soon as it was possible to tell the gender of our baby.  It's so exciting to me for parents like Elijah's who have the resolve to wait!  It's one of life's truest surprises and such an added amount of fun in the delivery room!

Elijah was seven weeks old when we did his session and it was so much fun!  I love documenting newborns at this age because they are starting to smile and coo and really show off their personalities.  My very favorite place to shoot a newborn is in his parents' arms so I never worry about if a baby will sleep for me at newborn sessions.  It works out well because we don't have to be in a hurry to do a newborn session within the first couple of days after birth.  We certainly can if that's what a client wants, but often, I've found that parents like having a few extra days or even weeks sometime to settle into their new normal before inviting me into their home to document it!

It was a wonderful couple of hours that I got to spend with Elijah and his parents and I'm looking forward to getting to work with them again!  Here are some of my favorites from their session...



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