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Happy 4th!  I hope you all have had a safe and full holiday of family, friends, and lots of patriotic fun!  I wanted to share some photos that I took of my son and his best bud about a month ago.

I've driven by this giant fireworks store almost every day for five years and I thought it would be fun to do some Fourth of July themed photos in front of it before they opened up shop for the season.  The store stays empty all year long until about two weeks before the Fourth of July when it's starts hustling and bustling seemingly overnight.

I suckered my friend into bringing her two kids, Tessa and Jett, along because Tessa is my son's best buddy and I knew they'd have fun together.  So we set out on a hot afternoon to visit the empty store and do some pictures!  When we pulled up, I couldn't believe it.  There was a giant crane there and people working on pressure washing the building.   Never would've guessed it, but this building that looks abandoned for 50 weeks out of the year had some rather large eye sores present the day we decided to meet there. Ha!  We decided to make the best of it, after all, we'd already gotten the kids dressed and promised them a good time.  So we waved to the workers and went around to use just one side of the building for our photos.  

After getting sprayed with water that was cleaning off the sides of the building (yuck!), we found a perfect spot and started getting down to business.  That's when my friend tells me "We should move!" because she sees a spider.  Yep, a big ol' spider about two inches from where I had plopped my son down.  He's terrified of bugs.  TERRIFIED!  I mean screams like a little girl, "BUUUUUUUUUUG!" if there is a gnat or a fruit fly or the tiniest microscopic bug.  I thought my friend was just looking out for my little guy and I told her he'd be fine.  Then her voice gets higher, "Pick him up! It's a black widow!" Eeeeekkkk!  Never have I seen one before and it made me nauseous seeing how close it was.  So we picked up and headed to the other side of the building.  Okay, NOW we're ready to start shooting, hooray!

Except for one tiny problem.  The kids wanted nothing to do with our ideas.  Nothing.  This is why I stopped doing themed photo sessions as much.  So much work to prepare and get props ready and then you get there and the kids are like, "Yeaaaaahhhh, NOPE! We are NOT cooperating!"  So we tossed the idea of our cute props and just let the kids play and I love the pictures even more. 


My son, Corbin, and Tessa are really into letters as they are learning to write their names.  They were so excited to see the "C is for Corbin" and "T is for Tessa" right next to each other and thought it was so fun to stand underneath their letter.  They were even more tickled when they switched it up.  Oh how I love the innocent humor of three year olds!!



















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