Welcome Caroline! | Lifestyle Newborn & Family Session | Madison, Alabama Newborn Photographer

January 30, 2018  •  1 Comment

Good evening friends!! Reaching way back in my files to share a sweet newborn session that I did back in November (I think!) of 2016.  This family's photographer, Mary Colleen Photo, was unavailable so I was happy to squeeze them in.  Mary and I trade family sessions for each other and she is ridiculously talented! So I was under pressure to perform! 

Big sister, Charlotte was thrilled to introduce me to sweet Caroline and I just loved photographing the two of them together.  I love when families invite me into their home and then just melt into their day and love on each other like I wasn't even there.  This was one of those sessions.  Loving, patient parents just enjoying their precious girls.

Thank you, Natalie and Blake, for sharing your home and your family with me for the morning!  I so enjoyed working with you!


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