The G Family | In Home Session | Madison, AL Family Photographer

April 18, 2018  •  1 Comment

Hey guys!! 

You want to know what strikes fear in the hearts of photographers?!  Photographing other photographers!!  Maybe it's just me, but anytime I'm working with a family who has a photographer in it I get extra nervous before my session.  It always turns out great though, and afterwards I'm never sure why I was nervous to begin with.  Other photographers know how to make a session easy on you! ;)

Mary and I have traded sessions a few times and I just love both working with her family and also having her shoot my own!  She's the ridiculously talented woman over HERE.  The photos I'm sharing today are from last.....ahem....JULY.  Oops!! Yet again....I've got to get better about blogging my sessions!!  When it gets super busy I spend all of my time shooting and editing and tend to neglect all of my social media accounts, so here's my attempt at doing better :)

Enjoy some of my favorites from this sweet session!



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