Welcome Olivia! | Lifestyle Newborn Photo Session | Madison, AL Newborn Photographer

April 19, 2018  •  2 Comments

A couple of times a year I go through phases where I feel like all I do is newborn photo sessions.  Every inquiry coming in is newborn after newborn and then BOOM...it's over.  When I worked as a labor and delivery nurse I definitely noticed that there were always some months that were WAY busier than others and the trend continues for me now as a photographer.

The newborn session that I'm sharing with you today was in the middle of one of my busy newborn months but what I love about working with babies is how they all have their little personalities even at just days old.  I love watching Olivia's big sister point out her toes, fingers, and say over and over, "She's so cuuuuute!" in the most precious toddler voice.

Enjoy some of my favorites from this session!



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